Shapewear That Is Right for You!

Shapewear That Is Right for You!

What you need to know about Women’s Shapewear?
Find the Shapewear Fits You!

Let’s be honest with each other for a minute here. Most of us thinks Shape-wears are for older people. Am i right? Well news flash. It is NOT! It is for women of all sizes. You can be 15 or 85. It’s the secret to what makes your body look seamless and perfect with any outfit of your choice. Let’s get straight to the point, Shapewear isn’t just for some women who wants to look like a model. It should be a must have in your closet and an important piece to your collection. It’s about helping us shape our bodies to wear the clothing that’s currently trending to look like the models that wear it.  After all if you look back to the 16th and 17th century, Victorian Women’s began wearing corsets so that their waist can look narrow in their dresses. Isn’t it the same thing, except now we call it Shapewear. Frankly at the end of the day, it’s not what’s underneath the clothes we wear,  it is the perception of what society thinks of us. Shapewear today comes in a wide variety of styles that fit to suit different body types, the materials are soft and provides a comfortable fit. In today’s society, you have the opportunity to have comfort while molding your body to fit that special outfit we’ve been dying to wear. In order to do that, you need to figure out how to buy a good shapewear that works for you and that will give you the feel and look that you desires. 

  • Measure your body. Be realistic. Get a tape measure and measure the bust, under the bust, waist and hips. Look at the picture below.  Once you get your measurement, think of the parts on your body you would like to have smooth out and reduce by a few inches/cm. This should be the size of the shapewear you are looking for in the Size Chart. Your chosen shapewear should look natural but smooth out all the jiggles and mold your body and feel a bit tight.  You don’t want it too tight, because you still have to breath and if you are going to an event, you still have to eat. There is no point in being uncomfortable. Just the thought of being confident and sexy at the event.


  • Let’s look at a few types of shapewear and what could potentially work for your body.


    • Bodysuit Shapewear: I find these to be adorable and sexy if you are looking for something light to help with the jiggles. It fits like a glove and you can wear them pretty much under anything. It hold everything in and smooths out the body. The design looks sexy and it sure feel sexy, especially if you are going out on a hot date. Body Suit Shapewear
    • Seamless Panty Shapewear: These are great, if you only need to smooth out your midsection. The downside is that you need to make sure you measure your midsection and tummy. Because when you pull them up, you need it to stay not slip down.  For example. If you wear a tight pants or leggings. It fit great going up but as soon as you sit, the waist keep slipping down and it causes unnecessary comfort and bulge.  So If you have a slim waist but just need to tone down the midsection, this is perfect for you.
    • Seamless Shapewear
    • Panty Shapewear with Steele Bone: These have the steel bone at the top of the waist area so that it ensure that when you pull up the shapewear under the bust, it will stay there when you sit down.Steel Bone Waist Clincher
    • Under the Bust Shapewear: These are very popular if you want to wear your own bra. I love to wear this under dresses and Skirts. It delivers exactly what you want.

Under the Bust shapewear

Wow! That is a lot to take in from a short blog. I am still in the process of learning about how to make my body feel sexy and confident in everything that I wear. Stay tuned for other tips on my next blog post.